Further, this will allow the government to increase the gratuity (Note 1) ceiling from time to time without amending the law

Full Text of Amendment bill is as under :

The provisions contained in the Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules, 1972 for Central Government employees with regard to gratuity are similar to the provisions contained in the Act. After implementation of the 7th Central Pay Commission, the ceiling of gratuity for Central Government employees has been enhanced from rupees ten lakhs to rupees twenty lakhs. In the past, the ceiling amount of gratuity under the Act has followed the Central Pay Commission recommendations. Therefore, considering the inflation and wage increase even in case of employees engaged in private and public sector, the entitlement of gratuity is also required to be revised for employees who are covered under the Act. It has also been proposed to empower the Central Government to notify the ceiling proposed, instead of amending the said Act, so that the limit can be revised from time to time keeping in view the increase in wage and inflation, and future Pay Commissions.

(Note 1: Gratuity is given by the employer to an employee for the services rendered by him. It is usually paid at the time of retirement but it can be paid before provided certain conditions are met. A person is eligible to receive gratuity only if he has completed at least five years of service with an organisation. However, it can be paid before the completion of five years at the death of an employee or if he has become disabled due to accident or disease.)



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