Via Press Release dated 20th May, 2021 Income Tax Department (Central Bord of Direct Tax, CBDT) communicate Non-availability of e-filing services from 01.06.2021 to 06.06.2021 and informed that The Income Tax Department is going to launch its new e-filing portal on 7th June, 2021. 

Salient Features of new e-filing Portal of the Income Tax Department as mentioned in Press Release is as under:

  1. New taxpayer friendly portal integrated with immediate processing of Income Tax Returns (ITRs) to issue quick refunds to taxpayers;
  2. All interactions and uploads or pending actions will be displayed on a single dashboard for follow-up action by taxpayer;
  3. Free of cost ITR preparation software available online and offline with interactive questions to help taxpayers fill ITR even without any tax knowledge, with pre-filling, for minimizing data entry effort;
  4. New call center for taxpayer assistance for immediate answers to taxpayer queries with FAQs, Tutorials, Videos and chatbot/live agent;
  5. All key portal functions on desktop will be available on Mobile App which will be enabled subsequently for full anytime access on mobile network;
  6. New online tax payment system on new portal will be enabled subsequently with multiple new payment options using net banking, UPI, Credit Card and RTGS/NEFT from any account of taxpayer in any bank, for easy payment of taxes.