Day to day GST System are become more user friendly as well as new functionality added by the GST Technical team. Following some new forms and Parts at GST Website.

Assessment & Adjudication

1. SRS_ADJ_07 – issue DRC-04 for voluntary payment made without SCN
2. SRS_ADJ_07 – Drop Proceedings (DRC-05) for voluntary payment made with manual SCN
3. SRS_ADJ_13 – General Penalty
4. SRS_ADJ_08 – G2G API for Intimation of Voluntary Payment (DRC-03)


1. SRS_A&R_01 – First Appeal by Taxpayer
2. SRS_A&R_02 – Admission & Rejection of First Appeal

Demand and Collection Register

1. Create DCR
2. Update DCR

Advance Ruling – Rectification of application and Initiating void order.

1. BO officer should be able to file rectification.
2. JO/CO should be able to file rectification.
3. BO officer should be able to do Void order initiation.




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