Filter : How to Get OTP/EVC from Your client mail I’D to Mail I’D of CA with help of filter

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How to get Automatic EVC / OTP from Clients mail id to Mail ID of CA with help of filter, Here You Can understand how Filter works??? And Full Process with Screen Shot of Filter.


Reverse charge Mechanism under GST

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In Case of Reverse Charge Mechanism under GST the Service provider issue the bill of supply where no GST levied in invoice. This video contain GTA service , Motor Cab Service, Government Service and all other Service.
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Link for CBEC Notification related to RCM –…

When the supply is made by the specified person, then IGST will be payable on reverse charge basis by the recipient of the intra-state supply of such goods. All the provisions of will apply to such recipient.


Registration Requirements under GST Regime

Supplier of Goods and /or Services are not liable to obtain registration under GST, in case of following situations..

1.Dealing in Only Exempted Goods or/and Services – No Need to registered as per latest amendment.

2.Dealing in Only Zero rated Goods or/and Services;

3.Dealing in Only Non Taxable Goods or/and Services;

4.Dealing in Goods or/and Services which are get exemption by specific exemption

5. Services Rendering Inter State- No need required up 20 lacs / 10 lacs Turnover. 

Notification. Here we discussed following… When to get Registered ?? Time limits for registration; Entity ti be registered; How to get registration Number; Documents & details required for registration; Type of Form in registration; Procedure of registration; Failure to get registration then???



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